The Cloud-Based Mobile App Platform

Synchro is a revolutionary new platform that allows enterprise developers to create high quality, high performance, cross-platform native mobile applications using simple and familiar tools - JavaScript and the Node.js framework. You can use Synchro to create apps that install and run on mobile devices, but where all of your application code, including client interaction logic, runs in the cloud.

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New Mobile and Desktop Web Client Support!

In addition to native apps, Synchro now provides mobile and desktop web apps automatically - no additional code or customization required. A true write-once, run-everywhere solution.

Build Better Apps, Faster

The Synchro client-server platform puts your client logic on the server, resulting in streamlined integration with server resources, and apps created in a fraction of the amount of code required by competing platforms.

Native Apps on Every OS

Write your app once on the server, then deploy it as a branded, high quality native app with native look-and-feel and native performance on iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone.

Deploy Updates Instantly

Your mobile apps are created, managed, and hosted in the cloud, meaning that you can make changes, test, and deploy updates to your installed base instantly. No more distribution hassles or configuration control nightmares.

Provable Security

The mobile client apps that you create with Synchro connect to your cloud-based app using a secure connection. They don't connect to anything else or store anything on the device, so you know they're secure.

Built with Node.js

Synchro is built on Node.js, and the Synchro apps that you create will run in a Node environment. You'll be writing in JavaScript, with access to all the great Node packages you use in your server apps.

Client-Server MVVM

If you've used MVVM frameworks like AngularJS or Knockout.js, you'll be right at home. With Synchro, your View is defined in the cloud, runs on the client, and is bound to your ViewModel back in the cloud.

Build First-Class Mobile Apps. Run them from the Cloud.